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The Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE, Instituto Gemológico Español) is a non-profit association founded in 1967 with the aim to study, teach and promote gemology in Spain. IGE Gem Testing Laboratory was founded in 1969 and currently it is the most prestigious lab for gemstones testing in Spain. Equipped with advanced analytical techniques and highly qualified staff, it offers gemstones analysis and certification services to clients in Spain and abroad on a regular basis.

We are always happy to work with new clients and ready to help you to understand better our services and fares!

For all our laboratory services there are three different prices, that depends on the type of client:

General (highest price) – for clients not related to IGE in any way.

Socios – Associates (medium price) – for standard associated to IGE. To become IGE associate you have to pay 70€/year and you get discounts in courses and Lab services, and also some other advantages from IGE.

Socios Profesionales – Professional Associates (lowest price) – this special category of Associates pays 500 eur/year and has additional discounts on Lab services and courses. Additionally, they have the possibility to place their banner on the IGE website. This is the most interesting option for you if you are thinking on submitting lots of stones for certification.


(Diamonds must be submitted loose for grading services. For mounted stones we can perform a Diamond Jewellery Report where a range of grades is given rather than a precized grade. IGE does not provide the service of removing diamonds from its settings)

Examination Weight (ct.) Professional Associates Associates General
Colorless  diamonds Up to 0.49 40 60 90
0.50-0.74 45 70 105
0.75-0.99 50 75 113
1.00-1.49 55 85 128
1.50-1.99 65 98 146
2.00-2.99 70 105 158
3.00-3.99 85 128 191
4.00-4.99 105 158 236
5.00-5.99 125 188 281
6.00-6.99 145 217 326
7.00-7.99 165 248 371
8.00-8.99 180 265 398
9.00-9.99 200 300 450
10.00-14,99 225 340 510
15,00-19,99 250 375 563
>20.00 310 465 698
Batch Services

(Colorless  diamonds) ≤1,5 mm

Price/ct 40 50 60
Batch Services

(Colorless  diamonds) >1,5 mm

Price/ct 20 30 40
Batch Services

(Colorless  diamonds) ≤1,5 mm
(Identification + Quality)

Price/ct 60 70 80
Batch Services

(Colorless  diamonds) >1,5  mm
(Identification + Quality)

Price/ct 40 50 60
PreReport 4Cs Grading Report - -10 -15 -23
Further Advanced Analysis (Natural diamond fancy colours, etc.) Up to 1.99 50 75 110
>2.00 95 150 225
Color Grade Scale Check (diamonds and cubic zirconias) - per stone 15 20 25
Recut (cut and recut analysis, rough y polished) 15 20 25
Examination Weight (ct.) Professional Associates Associates General
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Up to 1.99 60 90 135
2.00-4.99 70 105 158
5.00-9.99 90 135 203
10.00-19.99 120 180 270
20.00-49.99 150 225 338
>50 170 255 383
Other Gems and Synthetics 50 75 113
Further Advanced Analysis

Identification Report+

30 45 68
Jewellery Report for mounted stones Price varies based on gems type/size Identification Report price -30%
Verbal Consultation- Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Price varies based on gems type/size Identification Report price -50%
Verbal Consultation- other Gems and Synthetics Price varies based on gems type/size 15 20 25
Sealed «PRO» box 15 20 Included
«LUX» plastic card blister 20 25 Included
Duplicates (Reports not older than 5 years ) and letters 15 22.5 34
Recheck and Resealed 30 45 68
Express Service  +25% off the regular fares
Report Verification -50% off the regular fares

Additionally, for those Professional Associates who bring us large quantities of stones per month, (minimum 10 stones per month) there are additional discounts for volume of workload and we have special fares for simplified reports (short description of the stone, weight, measurements, stone identification and possible enhancements, no photo).

There are special discounts for up to 20, 30, 40 and 40 and 40+ stones per month (to be accumulated among different services, not necessary that quantity of each kind of service). The prices do not include VAT (21%), not applicable to non-EU clients and EU firms with intra-Community VAT number.

Table of prices for Professional Associates who submit to the Lab more than 10 stones per month

Standard fare for Prof. Associates,
Gemstone report types
Simple gemstone report (no photo) 35 32 28 25 20
Ruby, sapphire, emerald certificate <1ct 60 57 54 48 45
Security seal types
Sealed plastic bag free free free free free
Sealed «PRO» box 15 13.5 12 10.5 9
«LUX» plastic card blister 20 18 16 14 12

Gemstones with this simple report are returned in plastic bags with security seal band, at no additional charge. But if you prefer other security seals, we can offer two types (if the size of the stone allows to use them): “PRO” box and “LUX” plastic card blister. You can see them here: They have additional cost, also listed in the table above.

Simplified reports can be done for all gems but diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

For these four gems we only offer the Colored Stone Identification Report, the full document like those shown here:

However, for translucent and opaque rubies, sapphires and emeralds, as well as for those with severe treatments (like dyeing, lead-glass filling, etc.), simplified reports can be issued as for other more common gems.

For small rubies, sapphires and emeralds, less than 1 ct, we also offer special prices of certification, also listed in the "Table of prices for Professional Associates who submit to the Lab more than 10 stones per month".

For rubies, sapphires and emeralds larger than 1 ct we will apply the regular fares for Professional Associates.

How to ship stones to our Lab: Our clients use different courier services for shipment of stones to our Lab. Once the work is finished, the client orders the courier service for shipment of the stones back to him. There are many reliable international couriers that allow fast and secure shipment, that also can be assured according to clients preferences. For more details on shipment please contact us.

Insurance: All the gemstones and jewels submitted to our Lab must be insured for the time the goods stay in our Lab. The insurance value is established by the client, being the minimum value for colored gemstones 600€ and for diamonds 3000€. The client pays 0.2% of the insured value, that is 1.20€ minimum for colored gemstones and 6€ for diamonds. This payment will be included to the invoice together with the payment for our Lab services.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone +34 914 414 300.

You can also download our fares in PDF format from here.

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